Wi-Fi in Motion


Founded in 2008 to specifically focus on Public Transport Wi-Fi and Technology solutions. FleetConnect is the leading Irish provider of award-winning communications products and services, with a specific focus on passenger transport and innovative products.   

The company has already established itself as the leading provider of industrial grade in-vehicle systems for fast broadband access, delivering passengers Wi-Fi and GPS vehicle tracking as well as connectivity to enable live CCTV

In 2017 FleetConnect will launch its latest innovation for passengers travelling on trains and buses around the country. Our Infotainment solution will keep your passengers entertained with films, games, audiobooks and much more.

The rise in Wi-Fi usage over the last few years meant we had to develop a slick infotainment solution tailored for passengers on the go. On Irish trains and buses, we are consistently having over 5 Million Wi-Fi sessions each month which demands more and more data. Our Infotainment solution is stored locally on our Hardware so this will help reduce data usage.


The FleetConnect Mission Statement


We here at FleetConnect are dedicated to connect everyone, everywhere!!

The new generation of wireless networks using innovation products can deliver broadband connectivity to locations where wireline services cannot, such as moving vehicles or where is impractical (such as to outdoor or temporary locations) or has not yet reached.  Our mission is to get any customer connected at any time and deliver The Connected Journey.


FleetConnect Services


FleetConnect delivers a range of services to our customers. From vehicle connectivity to passenger infotainment and fleet management. There is a range of marketing tools in place which can be tailored to meet each customer’s needs.


Case Studies


A selection of case studies from FleetConnect.


FleetConnect Clients


Over the past 8 years we have worked with a growing numbers of customers around the Republic of Ireland and the UK.
Some of them include the following:

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  • cronin
  • dublin-coach
  • wexfordbus_logo
  • buseireann
  • city link
  • Translink Goldline
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  • aircoach
  • gobus-logo
  • paddywagon-logo
  • CIA Tours

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