Vanderlust Camper Vans becomes a Wi-Fi hotspot!

Transport’s Wi-Fi revolution
7th June 2009

Vanderlust Camper Vans becomes a Wi-Fi hotspot!

Holiday makers using Vanderlust Campervans to explore Ireland at their leisure will now be able to
check their e-mails/Facebook, download music to their i-pod, or access the Internet whilst on the

Four of their luxurious Campervans has been fitted with Wi-Fi equipment for a 6 Month trial period to
test customer reaction to the facility.

Padraic O’Brien and David Hanley, Directors at Vanderlust said, “In keeping with our technology lead
operation, we feel Wi-Fi is a must have service for our clients. This trial of Wi-Fi accessibility on four
of our Motorhomes will enable Holidaymakers, to check e-mails, Google maps, surf/weather reports,
campsites and places of interest along the way.

If all goes well – and so far everything is working
better than expected – we will consider fitting the rest of our fleet of vehicles with similar equipment.
Padraic O’Brien added, “By continuing to offer innovations such as Wi-Fi, customers can see our
continued commitment to enhance their traveling experience and stay true to our ethos – Stay where
life takes you.”

Campervans are ideal for in-vehicle Wi-Fi services,” said Patrick Cotter, Director FleetConnect.
“Withan increasing number of hand-held devices such as mobile phones and PDAs having Wi-Fi builtin,
accessing the Internet to check your email, surf the web or update your blog is now easier than
ever before. With free Wi-Fi access on board, Vanderlust’s customers can now be online to send
home the latest photos and information from their holiday.” This really does represent another step
towards the future of Holiday transportation.”

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