Irish Rail

Irish Rail

A complete transport network giving customers a consistent Wi-Fi connection.

FleetConnect teams up with Irish Rail to take Irish Transport into the future.


The Challenge

  • 100% Wi-Fi coverage on the entire fleet fitted and operational
  • They remain the only national railway company to have 100% coverage across all fleets in service.
  • They can use the Wi-Fi gateway to provide seat reservation system with the manifest files for the service
  • It provides the network gateway that allows the train to use the Nexala system for remote train monitoring

Scale: Over 180 trains

  • Creating virtually seamless Wi-Fi coverage for both residents and visitors when using public transport
  • Easy to integrate with future technology
  • Additional applications supports

Passenger Wi-Fi

Connecting passengers at any time wherever they are


Safety & Security

Improving the safety of your passengers and staff


Passenger Infotainment

The best way to keep your passengers entertained


The Results

  • Passengers stay connected throughout their journey. Staying in touch with Social Wi-Fi or communication with work is now a necessity.
  • Ireland receives the benefits of full cross-country transport Wi-Fi.

What the customer says:

FleetConnect is a well-established provider of innovative and reliable Wi-Fi solutions with a reputation that sits well with Emerald Isle’s vision for a quality 21st century passenger experience.

What we say:

Passengers can use the service now for work. They can work on the way to Cork or Limerick or wherever they are going and most people want to be able to check their email, Facebook or Twitter account on the move. Irish Rail was one of the earliest adopters of on-board Wi-Fi and it was paid off for them several times over. What’s more, they have proven that mobile internet is something that benefits both the operators and the passenger; a win-win situation.


Patrick Cotter



Kristina Skorupske

Account Manager at FleetConnect for Irish Rail

00353 18991070


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