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FleetConnect delivers a range of services to our customers. From vehicle connectivity to passenger infotainment and fleet management. There is a range of marketing tools in place which can be tailored to meet each customer’s needs.


wifi-tiny Passenger Wi-Fi


Reliable connections and fast speeds are now essential to passengers’ Wi-Fi experience.   Passengers expect a good reliable connection to keep in contact with their work or social networks.

FleetConnect Wi-Fi has been installed on over 90% of buses and trains around the country serving thousands of passengers each week.

Whether you have one coach or an entire fleet, we have different options to suit your budget and your customer requirements.

As the demand grows, so are we.

Passenger Infotainment

Infotainment is now a reality. This refers to media which is a combination of information and entertainment. This will keep passengers entertained with films, games, audiobooks and much more and will enhance passenger experience.

Media files can be stored for easy use without the need for costly streaming.

 Vehicle Connectivity

vehilce connectivity

Passengers are discovering the perks of Wi-Fi on board. Staying in touch via Social Media or getting that troublesome work email sent that has been on your mind all morning, on-board Wi-Fi is now something that customers demand. We deliver unrivalled connectivity for passengers as well as a wide range of marketing tools for our customers.

 Fleet Management


Our built-in GPS system allows our customers to see exactly where their vehicles are always.   Daily, weekly and monthly reports can be produced to give operators the freedom to update and improve their fleet.

Another valuable marketing tool is the on-board CCTV system which can count the number of customers that avail of public transport. This can help plan future timetables and routes.

Marketing systems at the level we offer can be tiring and time consuming but with the FleetConnect system this information can be produced at the touch of a button.

safety-security Safety & Security

Using state of the art equipment, you can use the internet connection on your vehicle you can stream footage directly to your head office. This can help improve the safety of your passengers. It is also possible to offload data wirelessly when vehicles reach their depots.

Camera status can also be remotely monitored to keep your journeys as safe as possible.

realtime-information Real-Time Information


Our Real-Time Information applications can provide a more pleasant experience for the public transport user by connecting them to useful travel information in real-time either through their mobile web portals or displays in-vehicle.

We can update passengers on their expected arrival time and those planning to join the service at the next stop can track the progress of their vehicle via their smart device and decide when they need to leave their office or home.

eco-driving Eco Driving


We are conscious about reducing the size of our carbon footprint created by operating and maintaining public transport vehicles. We aim to promote environmentally friendly transport habits by improving the public transport experience. This is done through our Eco driving app.

Our ECO driving app measure correctly fuel consumption through speed, brake and idle information while factoring in vehicle, surface and weather characteristics.

Drivers can read this information in real-time which promotes efficient driving behaviour and reduces fuel and maintenance costs helping you save money and promote environmentally friendly transport.

telematics Telematics


The telematics app from FleetConnect allows our customers to remotely maintain and monitor their on-board network, identifying faulty components when the vehicle is still out on the road.

Any parts needed can be ordered before the vehicle comes back to the depot and any configuration issues can be fixed remotely.  This will reduce the amount of time that a vehicle is out of service saving you time and money.


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