Case Studies

JJ Kavangh & Sons

A complete transport network giving customers a consistent Wi-Fi connection.

FleetConnect teams up with JJ Kavanagh & Sons to take Irish Transport into the future.

The Challenge
  • 100% WiFi coverage on the entire fleet fitted and operational
  • They have invested in our modern technology, giving them a competitive advantage and putting them in a strong position to expand and grow!
  • They can use the WiFi  to provide customers with an enhanced journey, ensuring they are connected at all times
  • It provides the network gateway that allows CCTV systems to be set up for monitoring the whole fleet
The Solution
  • Creating virtually seamless Wi-Fi coverage for both residents and visitors when using public transport
  • Easy to integrate with future technology
  • Additional applications supports
The Results
  • Passengers stay connected throughout their journey. Staying in touch with Social Wi-Fi or communication with work is now a necessity
  • Ireland receives the benefits of full cross-country transport Wi-Fi
  • Over 70 buses
What the customer says

FleetConnect is a well-established provider of innovative and reliable Wi-Fi solutions with a reputation that sits well with Emerald Isle’s vision for a quality 21st century passenger experience.

What the customer says

Bus Eireann is an excellent example of a company investing in its transport network to provide a top-quality experience to passengers. By deciding to invest in Wi-Fi, they have shown that they value not only innovation, information and safety, but also the needs of the hundreds of thousands of people who rely on Bus Eireann vehicles every day.

Patrick Cotter

Founding and Managing
Director of FleetConnect