Simply manage and display your content
on the in-vehicle screens

Introducing our new Advanced Passenger Information System

APIS is a cloud based system that assists you to dynamically show content by time, date, location, line or any other condition you may wish. APIS has all the functionalities you need to fully manage your own and any partner content.

Passenger satisfaction is achieved by providing interesting and relevant information about their journey. For example, their next stop, the current weather conditions, news and travel updates.

Screen content is easily managed and controlled via the APIS portal. There is an optional advertising function available to generate extra revenue for the business. For example, by working with local restaurants and advertising their special offers along your route.

You have full control of the system and can choose to display anything from single images to multiple slideshows or video clips. You choose when and where the content is to be shown, on which routes it’s to be displayed.

You can decide the specific time period, days of the week and how often the content should be shown during any given period.

3 types of conditions that can be given to content

Show all the time

The playlist will play this content on repeat around the clock.

Time based

Only show this content  between certain time-frames. Outside of this time-frame, the playlist on the system will skip this content. For example, only show this content from 2pm until 3pm, Monday to Friday.

Combination of both time and location

Only show the content when the bus passes this location and is within the specified time frame.

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