USB charging ports allowing for multiple device charging

Quick and easy

Our charging ports can be easily fitted onto most modern coaches to provide passengers with the option of both smartphone and tablet charging. As mains power is not required, installation is quick and easy. Working and browsing on the go is required now more than ever and FleetCharge helps you do just that.

FleetCharge ensures passengers can stay connected to their work and environment at any time, eliminating the fear of limited battery life. The experience on-board becomes more enjoyable and the keeping your passengers connected will make the time pass faster on those longer journeys.

With a durable, safe and attractive design, it is also compatible with 100% of smartphones on the market. With built-in voltage detection, the units can be connected to both 12Vdc and 24Vdc power supplies without the need for adjustment. This protects the connected device from any possible power fluctuations.

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